robyn – anxious + day by day

I went through a great deal of problems this past week. Every day, I was tested by a number of situations and emotions, and it was difficult for me to stay calm and happy. I felt overwhelmed day by day, mostly because I was helpless and lost. I was recently challenged by problems I've never … Continue reading robyn – anxious + day by day


robyn – thankful

I used to write poems as a hobby from middle school to my junior year of high school. Poems became an effort, or I guess, an outlet for my abstract, untouchable, yet vivid feelings to be concrete, touchable, and vivid. I wanted to write a poem today about my boyfriend today, because I have been … Continue reading robyn – thankful

robyn – i smell like puke

some history I have always been affected by my low self-esteem. Having that poor self-perception has always been a significant fraction of my life.  I have always had random spurts of throwing up since fifth grade, and it wasn't until two months ago that it had become a continual and daily thing. A little over … Continue reading robyn – i smell like puke