robyn – thankful

I used to write poems as a hobby from middle school to my junior year of high school. Poems became an effort, or I guess, an outlet for my abstract, untouchable, yet vivid feelings to be concrete, touchable, and vivid. I wanted to write a poem today about my boyfriend today, because I have been feeling so thankful to have such a man in my life. I hope it turns out alright, to be honest, and it might not be the best, because I haven’t written in a while. I think later when I am more comfortable, I’ll share my poems from the past here on this blog.

thankful/full of thanks


An incompatible pair were we,

with every sentence of ours in disagree

Yet we found love in between

the start of an episode unforeseen


You overflow my life with care and love

with a cherishing heart undreamed of

You never fail to embrace my flaws

in battle with my opposing withdraws

You never miss a chance to

express your dear earnest view

of the beauty you see in me

that I wish one day I could see


I love you Oscar, and I thank you


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