oscar – conquering fears

Today was a good day. I took my graduation photos and Robyn was there with me. She was in a pretty dress and she was confident and loved the attention she got. It was a different Robyn that I saw and I loved it.

When I first mentioned to Robyn that my middle school teacher was going to come take my graduation pictures, she was reluctant in being in the pictures with me. As the date closed in, she started to get more second thoughts and was sure that she did not want to take pictures with me. The reason? She did not have a dress to complement my attire that she felt confident in.

So, today, we went dress shopping. We went to Forever 21 and we picked out a vibrant yellow dress that she looked stunning in. She put on her makeup and we ended up going to the photo shoot together. We had lots of fun and she had lots of great photos taken. When we got to the beach she got plenty of compliments and had a great time.


Today was her fear. The fear of looking bad. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of being judged. Today, she fought her fears and won. She put up her best battle and won. She conquered her fears and walked away with more than she came in with. She saw and felt people complimenting her. She got a glimpse of the beauty I see in her every day. She felt she was beautiful.

Bulimia lost today. When she walked out the door with her heels and dress, she was satisfied with her body image. This is just one battle in the war against bulimia. But this is a victory that I will forever remember and cherish.

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